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    • How to choose your wine to spend a perfect Valentine’s Day?

    How to choose your wine to spend a perfect Valentine's Day?

    Par François Collache

    Did you know? The history books tells us that the 14th of February is the day where birds find their match. During 14th century, British people also choose to put a spotlight on their relationship and celebrate love on this Valentine’s day. Gradually, it became a worldwide celebration.

    To celebrate love as it should, its essential to have a good meal but mostly a great wine. So, how to choose your wine to spend a perfect Valentine’s Day? Which one to use for a spicy, sweet or bubbly Valentine’s Day? Our Sopexa Expert, François Collache – Drinks Sales Director, answers.


    Wine pairings are delicate especially with sweet flavours and spices, because they do not combine well with a lot of wines. But Valentine’s Day is a time where we pick up challenges!


    With gourmet desserts, we will accompany the sweet dominant feature by finding the same dimension in wine. I propose a Muscat of Alsace, that wears the same name as its variety of vine and that has a very fruity aroma or a Vouvray demi-sec, perfect balance between softness and vivacity.

    For a chocolate dessert, do not hesitate to ask for a Maury, Wines of Roussillon that offer cacao, dry fruits, and coffee notes .


    For spicy dishes, profound red wines such as a Bandol of Provence or a Faugeres of Roussillon, or fruity wines like a Beaujolais or an Italian Barbera will be perfect companions. But you can also try a fleshy white wine such as the Gewurztraminer of Alsace which is the perfect complement to Asian cooking with its peppery and exotic notes.


    And for parties and bubbly moments, drink the champagne king in brut or you can be seduced by a Crémant from Bourgogne, of Loire or of Alsace whose fine bubbles will delight you.


    And there is only one wine that you can drink in aperitif, the St Amour, a wine of Beaujolais that gladly deserve its name.