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    • Bubbly, bubbly, and more bubbly: the English are mad about it!

    Bubbly, bubbly, and more bubbly: the English are mad about it!

    04 June 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    Everybody knows that the English love a glass of bubbly at any occasion. And that’s an understatement! In 2017, they swigged the equivalent of 65 Olympic swimming pools of sparkling wines! So which wines are driving this effervescence amongst the English?


    Prosecco’s success in recent years has confirmed it as a favourite fizzy wine. This sparkling Italian has even managed to oust Champagne as the drink of choice at special occasions like weddings.  


    For the first time since 2011, growth in Prosecco sales slowed down, reaching only 5% in 2017 (compared to +50% in previous years)*. Having become “too mainstream”, Prosecco no longer has the same appeal. Consumers are turning to other trendier sippers, such as French Crémant, which has been all the rage in 2018. Upmarket grocery chain Waitrose illustrates this trend with a +28% upswing in Crémant sales over the first two months of the year (January-February 2018), with sales peaking right around Valentine’s Day.


    Though French wines, and namely Champagne, are still a favourite – in particular Pol Roger, which was served at the reception following the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in mid-May – English sparkling wines are starting to make a name for themselves, and the English themselves have even begun producing fizzy wines. Renowned Champagne maker Louis Pommery was the first to venture into producing sparkling wines in England. At the national level, the industry is booming and the government is planning to promote and even bank on oenotourism.


    And since there is no better reason to celebrate than a royal wedding, according to IRI, UK sales of sparkling wine saw a 36.6% jump during the week of the wedding compared to last year. More than enough to fill up a few Olympic swimming pools!


    To be continued!


    Source : The drinks business, The Times, The Telegraph

    *According to UHY Hacker Young