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    • Let’s meet Xenia Von Poser, the new director of Sopexa Germany

    Let’s meet Xenia Von Poser, the new director of Sopexa Germany

    13 February 2018Interviews

    From Middle Eastern cooking to cinema to literature… Discover the surprising Xenia, Sopexa Germany’s new director.

    What is your (hidden) talent?

    An infectious laugh.


    Your greatest passion?

    I’m a big cinema lover. Recently, I really enjoyed The Happy Film, which shows a New York designer and his unique quest for happiness, and the superb camerawork of South Korean director Park Chan-wook in The Handmaiden.


    Something you always have with you?

    I always have a book in my handbag, and I read around 50 a year. This week, it’s Promise at Dawn by Romain Gary.


    What’s your definition of a good agency?

    During the decade when I was on the advertiser’s side of the business, I wanted to work with agencies that were one step ahead of my needs and developed intelligent customised solutions. This is what I want to experience every day at Sopexa.

    Your business in one sentence?

    I consider us as visionary brand architects. And excellent project managers.

    A food personality who inspires you?

    Yottam Ottolenghi’s Middle Eastern cuisine is a big favourite, and I just love his vegetarian dishes with rose water or orange blossom. My children “fell into it when they were young”!


    A saying that guides you?

    “Whenever you get there, there is no there there” from Gertude Stein. It really speaks to me and fits my personality because I think I’ve never arrived anywhere, but rather that I’m always travelling, always on the move. 


    In your headphones, there is …

    … rarely any music, but rather my friends in the four corners of the world, from Baghdad to NYC, by way of Zurich and Berlin.


    A sport you would like to do more often?

    Olympian serenity.


    A German custom that you like?

    Roaring with laughter while watching “Dinner For One” on TV on New Year’s Eve, like all Germans.