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    • The Alimentaria 2018 exhibition in Barcelona presents 300 innovative products

    The Alimentaria 2018 exhibition in Barcelona presents 300 innovative products

    Latest news & trends in food & drink

    The Alimentaria exhibition, showcasing the latest food trends, took place from 16 to 19 April in Barcelona. Here are a few out-of-the-ordinary innovations we spotted for you.

    Alimentaria is one of Europe’s top-three food-sector shows, alongside SIAL and ANUGA. This year, it brought together over 4,500 exhibitors from 70 countries and 150,000 visitors in the Catalan capital.


    This exhibition was the opportunity to check out the latest products and trends to win over Spanish foodies and gourmets, who are always on the lookout for new information and unique gastronomic experiences, in harmony with their lifestyle. 

    Here are 6 products and trends that are sure to surprise you!



    1. Gin Tonic flavoured Spanish croquetas


    Photo credit : Soraya Saenz


    1. The world’s first freeze-dried nougat


    1. Spherical olives you can enjoy at home – inspired by the revolutionary concept dreamt up by Ferran Adriá, the brilliant chef at El Bulli restaurant
    Source : Face Food – Canal Blog – Ferran Adria


    1. The slow-cooked, low-temperature soft-boiled egg


    1. The Kit Kat pizza


    Source :


    1. Health food: ever more popular


    Healthier foods thanks to their considerably lower sugar, salt and fat content. Vegan snacks, dehydrated meat products for nibbling on and milk-free chocolate shakes are just a few examples of the hottest trends in the sector.