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    • We had an e-coffee with Christophe Château, Communication Director of Bordeaux Wines

    We had an e-coffee with Christophe Château, Communication Director of Bordeaux Wines

    23 April 2020

    We are delighted to have an e-café with Christophe Château, Director of Communications for Bordeaux Wines. In the context of covid-19, you carry out many solidarity operations on which we would like to discuss with you. But first of all, can you tell us a few words about your organisation?






    The Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) was created in 1948. It brings together representatives of the three families of the Bordeaux wine industry: winegrowing, trade and brokerage. Its role is to establish permanent contact between them in order to facilitate the settlement of common issues.


    The CIVB has 4 major missions on several levels:

    ECONOMIC: To ensure knowledge of the production, market, environment and marketing of Bordeaux wines throughout the world.

    TECHNICAL: To advance knowledge, preserve the quality of Bordeaux wines and anticipate new environmental and food safety requirements.

    MARKETING & COMMUNICATION: To position Bordeaux as the world’s benchmark brand, to create a strong link between the consumer and the Bordeaux brand, to recruit, rejuvenate and build consumer loyalty.

    GENERAL INTERESTS OF THE FILE: Protecting the terroirs, fighting against counterfeiting, developing wine tourism.


    It’s very clear, thank you for the presentation. In the current context, you support hospitals, particularly through an auction, you tell us?


    The twelfth edition of Bordeaux Fête le Vin has naturally been postponed to June 2021. Instead, the operation has been transformed into “Bordeaux wines say thank you to them”. A solidarity action mounted by the Bordeaux Wine industry and the Bordeaux Tourist Office. Through this action, we are committed to supporting health professionals in hospitals in the Gironde.


    To do this, the men and women of Bordeaux wines, winegrowers, merchants, cooperative wine cellars, brokers and wine tourism professionals are invited from 15 April to 15 June 2020 to make a donation on the platform:


    These donations, exclusively related to wine and wine tourism, will constitute the catalogue of a large and unprecedented online auction open to the general public. The sale will take place from 15 to 21 June on the same platform created for the occasion.


    At the beginning of July, 100% of the amount raised will be donated to Yann Bubien and Frédérique Albertoni, respectively Director General and Director of Patronage at Bordeaux University Hospital, to purchase equipment and improve the working conditions of hospital staff in the Gironde region who have been impacted by Covid 19.


    You have also set up other actions, such as the CIVB wine bars in Shanghai that treat the Covid-19 nursing staff, can you tell us more about them?


    We would like to support Covid-19 caregivers around the world through various actions. Indeed, in China, more precisely in Shanghai, it is through the French Paradox restaurants, sponsored by the CIVB, that we show our solidarity support to the medical staff who went to Wuhan to fight the virus. These restaurants and wine bars in Shanghai offered the 700 or so carers, who went to help in the first outbreak of the epidemic, a dinner worth 398 RMB (about 51 €) and discount wines (-25%) from 20 to 26 April.


    Have you set up other solidarity actions?


    Les Vins de Bordeaux has developed a two-stage system aimed at supporting its various partners (restaurants, sommeliers, wine merchants). Firstly, in the short term, to help them with their cash flow, and then when their business resumes. For the time being, this system is being set up in three priority markets for Bordeaux wines: France, Belgium and the United States.


    In France and Belgium, Bordeaux Wines are partners of two support platforms for the benefit of restaurants and cafés: (Belgian market) and j’ (French market). Here, you can buy a voucher for future consumption in the establishment of your choice. This voucher is matched by 50% by the partners of the action (including Bordeaux Wines), who also finance a guarantee fund and the visibility of the operation.


    In the United States, Vins de Bordeaux will support sommeliers who, in this context of confinement, find themselves unemployed. Indeed, we are going to pay sommeliers to conduct live tastings around Bordeaux wines. These videos will then be relayed on partner e-commerce sites, thus increasing the visibility of the selected wines. Bordeaux Wines will also take part in an auction organized by the House of Acker for the benefit of sommeliers, bringing several lots of wines, .


    In order to support their French restaurant and wine store partners at the time of the takeover and to help them restart their business, Les Vins de Bordeaux will offer turnkey events to independent restaurants and wine stores in the Ile de France region and the Gironde. These events will be run by the brigade of trainers (winemakers and oenologists) from the Bordeaux Wine School. In this way, the Vins de Bordeaux is determined to be an active partner in the takeover.