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    Sopexa China

    The Communication Agency 100% dedicated to Food, Drink & Lifestyle

    Specific Food & Drink expertise that helps the agency get a jump on the latest innovations, understand the hottest trends and build impactful communication strategies.


    Sopexa China's added value?

    Having 4 “interconnected” branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

    Sopexa is an agency that constantly reinvents itself and innovates on behalf of its clients and partners.


    The Chinese market...

    ... offers a 100% consumer-centric experience!

    An ultra-connected ecosystem where user experience is a vital challenge for brands and retailers.

    and know-how

    Market Intelligence

    Beyond strategic planning, we run comprehensive monitoring programmes backed by studies – on sectors, behaviours and trends – carried out in-house by our market intelligence experts in order to identify weak signals, influencers, local food practices and communication trends in the food, drink & lifestyle sector.

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    Attract, generate customer loyalty and promote consumer advocacy

    Trade & Shopper Marketing – Drive-to-Store – Digital strategies


    Engage your audience and make a good impression

    Press Relations – Public Relations – Social Media Listening – Events


    Build and enhance product and brand image

    Strategic planning - Online and offline campaigns – Brand identity – Content - Health marketing

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    Nutrition & Health Strategies

    Healthy food, product composition and origin and CSR are among the many “health and society” topics of great concern to today’s consumers – and thus to companies and brands. Sopexa includes its nutrition & health specialists in all strategic planning and creative design activities. The department also meets specific requests.

    A true mobile addict on the hunt for the latest innovations, Augustin is a specialist in digital marketing in China. His work? Studying Chinese behaviours and customs as inspiration to design inventive, creative campaigns for clients and partners. A saying that guides him: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” (Milton Berle)

    Augustin Missoffe

    Managing Director Sopexa China & Hong Kong